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Sometimes All You Need is a Little Thyme

FOUND IN: The Fare on February 23, 2013

                                                       Wasp pollinating the thyme flower


This is another in our series of Serendipity Suppers. Here's how it happened. Friday evening I arrived home to find my spouse behind the refrigerator which was now sitting in the middle of the kitchen. I'm thinking this is probably not a good sign. The freezer compartment had completely thawed. Fortunately he caught it before it went above 35 degrees, so most things could be rescued (well, except for the ice cream). He had moved things that were still frozen to the big freezer in the basement, but there were 3 small pieces of beef that had completely thawed. One was a rib-eye, one a piece of chuck and the other some sirloin. Pretty random.

I don't know about you, but that sounded like stew to me. I remembered a beautiful bunch of thyme that had come in this week's farm share. A mostly full bottle of red wine sat on the counter. I had stock in the downstairs freezer, some smoky Benton's bacon, and a loaf of good bread. There were tiny whole white potatoes in the larder. I wrote a grocery list for baby onions and a pound of mushrooms. I called some friends to come for dinner Saturday night.

The potatoes were pan-roasted and served on the side. We had a beautiful salad of pea tendrils, spring mix, apples, and green onions in an orange vinaigrette. All but the apples came from my farm share. It was not exactly Julia's Bouef Bourginon, but it was delicious, hearty, rich and the perfect end to a rainy day.