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Saturday Night Supper Game

FOUND IN: The Fare on February 04, 2013

Challenge: How many  farm share ingredients can you work into one dinner menu? For the past several weeks, we have been playing with our food: creating Saturday night dinners using as many of this weeks items as we can. Last night after a marvelously satisfying dinner with friends, it occurred to me that I should be sharing these menus with all of you. Perhaps some of you would be willing to play along and share yours with us, as well?

Let's start with last week's bounty. For our salad course, we had the tender ends of the pea tendrils with spinach, winter onions, and pomegranate seeds tossed with homemade buttermilk dressing with dill. The main dish was red mustard with kielbasa and apples. The pungency of the mustard went perfectly with the sweet, tart apples and the excellent smokey sausage (part of my horded stash from Jason Houser's Meathouse). Roasted golden beets with rosemary made a fine accompaniment. Then for dessert we had orange custards using those lovely Charleston's Sweetest oranges. Jim shared that recipe with you this week.

Last night I created a salad with thinly sliced beets, mangos and winter onions over spinach, with citrus vinaigrette. The combination of the beets and mangos was just serendipity, mangos having been on sale, lately. The sweetness and contrast of textures intrigued me, but the result was beyond my expectations. My darling husband made his Southern-fusion version of a classic Italian dish, which he called Greens with Sausage and Pasta. It was actually a brothy soup of several greens with spicy Italian sausage (from the Meathouse) and big handmade rigatoni (from Rio Bertolini's). What made it Southern was the infusion of some smokey Benton's bacon and a little tasso (also from the Meathouse). Simple, beautiful, and delicous, served in big white bowls. One of our guests brought crusty bread she had made, which we dunked in Olio Nuovo  (from Olinda Olives) and, of course, in our soup bowls. I've been trying to use up the last of my crop of Meyer Lemons, so I made custards using essentially the same recipe as last week, with minor adjustments. I served them with dark chocolate shortbread cookies and followed with demi-tasse cups of strong coffee.

Some of these recipes I have already posted. The others will follow shortly. As you can see, I  use many well-crafted local products and love to give a shout out to those who make them.  This year I did a fair job of stocking up before the Farmer's Market closed.  Still,  I'm always afraid I will run out before mid-April when the market re-opens. So now it's your turn. What have you been doing with all that bounty?  Chime in with some of your inspired creations. Ciao for now, Susan