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Pickling Spring

FOUND IN: Community, The Farm on June 03, 2014


The crates sat full against the kitchen wall. The morning harvest started at 6a.m. with onions, cauliflower, carrots, yellow squash and garlic filling the open void. We would begin at ten. At 9:30, I received the text, asking my location. "I'm still harvesting and have thirty minutes," I exclaimed.




I remember watching this as a kid. Mother canned each summer and filled the pantry with glass jars. It didn't make sense then, but we would be self-sufficient come winter. We did not know the word "sustainability" back then. Communal instincts and good friends were making this reality come alive once more.


Hot brine, ladled from a silver cup steamed as it met with blanched vegetables. The multiple layers will be vegetarian ravioli in October. You Can Can............