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On Being 11

FOUND IN: Garden Design on December 04, 2012

It came in the mail today. At that very moment, time stood still. Nothing the second before mattered. Getting lost in the pages felt no different than it did at 11.


Only then it was Burpee's catalog. And it made going to the mailbox bearable. The anticipation of spring, color, and the absence of cold toes and fingers. It was today's prize and I had won.


Annuals, big seeds planted in cardboard egg crates basking under grow lamps made spring come quicker.  I didn't know then what an annual really was. They grew fast and flowered as summer started.They died before the pumpkin foliage turned brown. Most times, they returned next year.


One of my favorites was a zinnia called Candy Stripe. The catalog pictures didn't lie. It produced handfuls, enough to see from a distance and just as many to cut and carry indoors to mom. If they ever had powdery mildew like they do down here, I've imagined it gone.  The near perfect foliage, apple green and blemish free led the eye to the cheery multicolored petals.


There won't be much snow, slowing my walk to the mailbox. Cardboard egg crates have been replaced by fancy propagation flats and engineered soil mixes. I now know the definition of an annual. Everything is different now.


Or maybe it isn't.  Senorita Pink glows brightly as she is revealed through the opening in today's mailbox.  I can't keep my eyes off of her, a sure sign of an early spring.