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Garden Debut

FOUND IN: Uncategorized on July 04, 2015



When I heard of his intention to share, I greedily accepted. Like a Vegas wedding, I'd had the love affair with this new found beauty and rushed to the alter to consummate the deed. All I needed was the evidence to prove it.


It all seemed, easy.


Days passed, my patience wained. Time, acting as a foe, plants the seed of uncertainty.  In my mind, I wondered if his heartfelt promise would go unfulfilled.


In an oversized brown-paper envelope they came. Without fanfare, cheers or kind wishes for success in their new land, the delivery sat by the front door. Wrapped in foreign news, they appeared as tiny sausages with green tips, their only hint of life. The journey overseas had left them weary. I put them to bed, wished sweet dreams and sang my own rendition of "Carolina in My Mind" . Visions of their garden debut quickly ensued.




I am smitten all at once.  With no real notice, pointed, green buds dot the discreet foliage. I sense an uncomfortable pause, like the adolescent child wanting to please but unsure of the consequences such an effort might bring.


Reflexed petals emerge like impatient cocoons, unwilling to wait any longer. Brilliant reddish-orange flowers curve gracefully, leading the eye toward the yellow promised land. Cue the orchestra. Drama stirs.  Explosive pollen coats bumble bee bodies.


With a breeze to catch their wings, the blossoms, collectively resembling a cloud of exotic butterflies, hover above this landscape. Their patterns demand an attention deserving of one appearing so delicately but in reality built for flight.


The rare and very beautiful flower from the Gloriosa family is named after the world-renowned floral designer from Belgium, Tomas De Bruyne. See the artist create with these creatures. We are pleased to see, they now call Charleston home. Please come visit.