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Simple Sunflower

FOUND IN: Community, Floral Design on June 16, 2014



They say everything about this moment. Summer. Hot. Home.




Pair them with a friend of opposite texture. River Oats.




Simple is ready for the party to begin................



Singular Illumination

FOUND IN: Floral Design, The Farm on June 08, 2014



The path it took was not a straight one. The curves suggest a journey unlike the others so proudly erect.


Looking beyond the obvious, it takes a turn toward elegance. Crystal decanter. Soft glow. A reflection in a black and white photo.


It basks in the midnight light, excited to be allowed to the party, finding it was the guest of honor.

A European Approach

FOUND IN: Floral Design on October 08, 2011

Wired armatures are attached in a long glass elongated cube.

October came fast and furious. What once seemed far on the horizon is now here. 5 days with one of Europe's most talented floral artists, Tomas De Bruyne, promises to challenge the way craft interacts with creativity. The program-Part 1:European Master Certification Program

I've been helping out in the design room, assisting the last two days. Creating the structure takes time and patience. You want to please. "Am I doing this right?" His approach is a gentle. With that being said, expect to repeat tasks until they meet expectations.

More to come with what we called the straw sausages.

Tomas says, "Floral design is the art of transforming emotions into an arrangement. It is the combination of material knowledge, styling and craftsmanship that results in a work of art."

His approach is methodical. As a class we all had a difficult time paring down our own inner expectation to satisfy the assignment as given. But it is only day one.

The beginning of a bouquet.

At the end of the day, it was refreshing to see all the clutter moved aside. Symmetrical and asymmetrical, that is the question.