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FOUND IN: Community, Education on July 23, 2011

It is now hours before my arrival in Seattle for this year's Garden Blogger's Fling 2011 meet up. I'm late and I hate it........I couldn't find a decent flight out on Friday evening, so here I am swooping in mid-stream.

Seems like a lot of that going on these days. Time is not behaving.

Flowers are being pollinated by the expanding community of bees in our backyard and the produce is quadrupling. Tomatoes are everywhere. There are not enough canning hours in the day.

Foliage is overtaking the garden pathways and I'm a slacker in the eyes of fellow gardeners who have heard me talk about the horror of things touching.

False nettle has turned my dreams into nightmares.

All the while Mary Ann, one of our Garden Bogger hosts and author of her blog, Gardens of the Wild, Wild West is patiently waiting on the tarmac at Sea-Tac to meet with me about my progress on southern zones 8-10 plant combos for her recently unveiled Garden Logic site. It helps gardeners come up with plant combinations that relate to color, season, height and zone. She asked me to help with my region months ago. I've been working on it Mary Ann....have mercy!!!!

While I'm still trying to work on a blog post describing my recent floral experience in San Francisco at Imagine, weeks have passed since my last post. Its a gridlock. Soon I will walk amongst enthusiastic garden bloggers who will most likely smile and nod, wondering secretly why is so lame.

I'd make an excuse but it is just too hot.

They say its cool in Seattle. In a few hours I will know for sure.