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Beauty in Numbers

FOUND IN: Garden Design on August 06, 2012

They curve like immature swans, revealing themselves in shades of green until one day, glowing in the morning light, re-emerge white. Formosa lily, Lilium formosanum commands attention in the summer landscape. To hot to think, to humid to move, we should allow ourselves to sit still and wait for a slight breeze to catch the multi-flowered heads.  They can only be appreciated in our summer predicament. And while we might curse another sunny day , the glow is pause for celebration.


Each year they will surprise by seeding in the most inopportune location. The walkway leading up to the house will become an archway for bluebirds and squirrels to royally enter. Yet, for those much taller, axillary paths will develop in hopes of not bothering the morphing giants.

In groups, they tower, a forest peering down on the sights below. I seldom see them used in larger numbers. It is a spectacular sight, something my weary eyes need right about now.


Check out this large planting at Cannon Park in downtown Charleston.  It is a part of the Charleston Parks Conservancy's renovation efforts started in this park in 2010.